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Wayfinding Sans was designed official by designer Ralf Herrmann. This talented designer started off with the project after extensive study in the field. He actually drove tens of thousands of miles to explore the legibility of road signage typefaces in over dozens of countries across the globe. Herrmann built his own hypothetical structure of applicable legibility parameters. The original process of design included unique custom real-time simulation software. This could replicate complex reading conditions including fog, distance, halation, positive/negative contrast and a lot more.

Wayfinding Sans font

This procedure facilitated optimization of tiniest details of each letter for highest legibility. The font was specifically designed for wayfinding purposes. It is eye catching, clean and modern sans serif. It also supports broad language and large number of available styles.
Download Wayfinding Sans font

Wayfinding Sans font detail
Foundry: Ralf Herrmann, Sebastian Nagel
Publisher: FDI
Released: Mar 26, 2012
Price: $349 – $599

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