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Semplicita Pro is an all-new sans serif design that fluently overlaps the tri-cornered carves up between the geometrical, humanist, and gothic sans serifs. The designers started by reassessing Semplicità, Alessandro Butti’s 1930 design ifor Nebiolo. The font is fuelled by Futura, Semplicità and ensures designers the precise clue to the future. It works towards replace the cool geometric Teutonic essence of Futura with the balmy, humanist, calligraphic letterforms.

Semplicita Pro font

These attribute to the Italian Renaissance. The font can also be described as a drastically perked up official organization, where only a few characters have a hint of numerical precision, and the remaining ones are drawn in a calligraphic style.

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Semplicita Pro font detail

Foundry: Patrick Griffin, Bill Troop, Alessandro Butti

Publisher: Canada Type

Released: Aug 25, 2011

Price: $39.95

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