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Tosca is an amazing font. It is very attractive, elegant, and highly ornamental typeface armed with 730 glyphs! You may put a second set of capital letters in the places of the smallcaps. This capability of the font makes it highly suitable for creative writers. Hence, you can type the word in lowercase and then choose the first letter before transforming it to smallcap in the OpenType menu. Tosca comes with a ton of ligatures that can be easily accessed through OpenType. Once you have learnt the technique of using OpenType features for the font, it will be real fun using these. You may require making a lot of efforts in this respect. But the efforts are truly worth it.

tosca font

Once you get the gist of the typeface, you can come up with some real interesting characters to add life to your project.

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Tosca font details

Publisher: Wiescher Design

Released: Nov 18, 2010

Price: $39.50

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