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Rooney is an archetypal serif typeface that has a warm and friendly feel to it. Rounded serifs and terminals help in creating a dynamic impression for large headlines. The running text becomes very soft and sensitive once set in small sizes. One can expect six amazing weights comprising of Light, Black and Italics. The creation of Rooney was aimed towards fashioning a rounded typeface sans getting too playful or integrating a tacky look.

Rooney font

Rooney is primarily based on old-style serif assembly principles wherein major emphasis is given on angle of stress, medium contrast, and open letterforms to impart a serious feel to the typeface. Rooney is all about rounded shapes and soft curves. These qualities add a warm and smooth overall impression.

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Rooney font detail

Foundry: Jan Fromm

Publisher: Jan Fromm

Released: Oct 1, 2010

Price: $45

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