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Nexa Rust font, brought to us by Fontfabric Type Foundry, is a multifaceted system that incorporates font sub-families Script, Sans, Extras, Slab and Handmade.

nexa rust font

All of above mentioned sub-families feature rough and warm font weights with saturation of few degrees.

If you know Nexa and Nexa Slab with Nexa Script and Nexa Handmade you will recognize the Nexa Rust as their rougher counterpart.

Another addition to this, there are groups of extras added which you might use as a base or added flair to every of the unique styles.

Download Nexa Rust font

Botanica font details

Publisher: Ani Petrova, Svetoslav Simov,Vasil Stanev, Radomir Tinkov

Released: Sept , 2014

Price: $279.00

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