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Nancy was inspired from the printing of Symphorien Champion’s book named “Recueil ou croniques des hystoires des royaulmes d’Austrasie ou France orientale[…]” in around 1510 at Nancy town of France. Basically focused on initials letters, it has 3 set of families with only 1 complete and clear. Reconstruction by GLC was bit difficult as some characters like Eth, L slash, O slash were absent and few letters had more than one representation.

This is a classic example of decorative, luxurious writing, so it is used in multiple websites for Titles, Heading in presentations and also on cards.

1510 Nancy font

Download 1510 Nancy Font

Nancy Font Details

Foundry: GLC

Released: Aug 5, 2008

Price:  $6 for personal and $20 for business use

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