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Lubalin Graph is the eye catching slab-serif version of ITC Avant Garde is an ideal companion to the font ITC Avant Garde. It was designed way back in the year 1974 based on Herb Lubalin’s earlier design of ITC Avant Garde Gothic. The fundamental geometric character shapes are identical in both designs. However, the Lubalin Graph comprises of added feature of slab serifs.

Lubalin Graph font

The typeface can also be referred to as a characteristic New- Egyptienne from the 1930´s. The distinct geometric form of the typeface is attributed to optically equal weighted strokes and the circle round shapes. One can expect this font in varied weights with some special ligatures drawn via blending uppercase letters.

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Lubalin-graph font detail

Foundry: Herb Lubalin, Antonio DiSpigna, Joe Sundwall, Edward Benguiat

Publisher: ITC

Released: Jan 1, 2000

Price: $29

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