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Harlean font is  not a typical script font, it is quirky, brazen and a bit cheeky. Regardless how tough it is to deal with the typeface, you won’t be able to forget Harlean. The font has rough cut and bizarre letterforms defy the set of laws of an obedient script font as they scrape across the page. This is what leaves an incredibly lasting impression.

Harlean font

Harlean was initially delivered with a highly flexible nib pen that portrays a different attitude and voice as compared to its fellow script fonts. For a project that calls for an outstanding and unique look and feel, the Harlean is the best choice.

Download Harlean font

Harlean font detail

Foundry: Laura Worthington

Publisher: Laura Worthington

Released: May 1, 2013

Price: $17.50

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