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Filmotype Vanity is an exquisite font which precisely marks the inauguration of effect style Outline fonts of Filmotype. Incidentally, all of these start with the letter V. Originally, the font was developed from the original Filmotype Ginger typeface. During the 1950s, the technology was not advanced enough to develop drop-shadowed or outlined styled fonts. This wasn’t really possible for the old Filmotype machine. Hence, each letter was originally painstakingly hand rendered and redrawn to acquire this special effect style. It is quite similar to its countepart Filmotype Ginger.

filmotype vanity font


Hence, it circumscribes a full international character compliment, ordinals, automatic fractionals, an all CAPS setting, and a entire suite of alternates in dynamic OpenType format.

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Filmotype Vanity font details

Publisher: Filmotype

Released: Jun 25, 2010

Price: $29.00

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