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The Core Sans N Family is an integral part of the Core Sans Series. Letters included in the Core Sans N Family are beautifully designed using authentic neo-grotesque as well as neutral shapes sans ornamental commotion. The spaces allowed between individual letter forms are specifically accustomed to generate an impeccable typesetting.

Core Sans NThe typeface comprises of about 3 widths including Condensed, Normal, and Extended. It also comes in 9 different weights, namely; ExtraLight, Thin, Regular, Light, Bold, Medium, ExtraBold, Heavy, Black, and Italics for each format. The unique typeface is highly recommended for use in various books, screen displays, web pages, and a lot more.

Download Core Sans N font

Core Sans N  font detail

Foundry:  Hyun-Seung Lee, Dae-Hoon Hahm, Min-Joo Ham

Publisher: S-Core

Released: Jan 21, 2013

Price: $24–$324

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