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The typeface belongs to the ancient era. During the 1903, the designer of this font had an encounter with welter of sans. He designed News Gothic. This was considered as a 20th Century standard. In the year 1995, Tobias Frere-Jones studied many drawings in the Smithsonian. He then decided to redesign the font.

Benton Sans®








News Gothic was reviewed by Cyrus Highsmith. Thereafter, the Font Bureau studio expanded it into Benton Sans. This was actually a comprehensive new series that included matched weights, widths and fabulous performance beyond the limits of the original. This amazing font is highly recommended for Magazine, Newspaper, Book and Corporate use.

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Foundry:  Cyrus Highsmith, Tobias Frere-Jones

Publisher: Font Bureau

Released: Sep 21, 2005

Price: $40–$3,200

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