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If you’re looking for a fancy, hand-drawn font for your next project – you can’t go wrong with Bellwethers! It is an excellent choice if you want to add some whimsy, verve and elegance to your letters, blogs, invitations, logo designs, business cards – whatever you can think of.

bellwethers font

It includes 6 separate fonts all in galore of swash letterforms. To use swash fonts simply type a-z for the initial and A-Z for final swashes. Swashes are only available on lowercase letterforms; but, you can easily add your own swashes to your uppercase letters using the glyphs panel.

Bellwethers includes the following fonts:

Bellwethers Regular
Bellwethers Extras
Bellwethers Curly Swashes
Bellwethers Long Swashes
Bellwethers Short Swashes
Bellwethers Longest Swashes

Download bellwethers font

Olivier font details

Designers: Angie Baldelomar

Released: Jun 3, 2015

Price: $15.00

4.3/5 - (12 votes)